Prognoses of Composite Particles (eng)

The prognoses of Atomistic Theory of Matter, based on four kinds of point-like stable particles, are derived and then compared with the observed physical properties of particle systems. The paper is entitled

Prognoses of Atomistic Theory of Matter and Observed Particles

The four stable particles are the electrons (e), positrons (p), protons (P) and the eltons (E). These carry two kinds of conserved elementary charges, qi = {±e} and gi = {±g∙me, ±g∙mP}. Composite particle systems have conserved total electrical charges, Q = Σ qj, and total gravitational charges, G = Σ qj. The interactions between stable particles are non-conservative. The binding energies and sizes of bound states of two-particle systems are determined with Lagrange multipliers h, h0 = h/387 and h. All known particles are expressed with e, p, P and E.

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