Pluralism of Theories

Dear All!

I know that the mainstream in Physics supports a mono culture of physical theories only, the mono culture of energetic considerations.

This mono culture is described with three fundamental principles:

  • The weak equivalence principle, that means the equality of the inertial mass mi and the gravitational mass mg of each body: mi = mg.
  • The quantization of energy with the condition E = h f, whereby h is the Planck’s constant and f is the frequency of radiation.
  • The energy-mass-equivalence principle called as E = mc2. That means all masses m are equivalent to energies E.

According to these principles diverse Quantum Field Theories are created.

I have created and physically + mathematically fixed an Atomistic Theory of Matter which does not use one of these three principles. The Atomistic Theory holds all three principles of the energetic physics as invalid physical principles.

The main aspects of the Atomistic Theory are based on the existence of four stable elementary particles which generate a non-conservative Unified Field and the equations of motion of the particles are determined with an isopetric subsidiary condition and with free boundary of variation. The variation produces Lagrange Multipliers for the particle motions. The Atomistic Aspect is to be considered as the first principle in Physics.

Since the mainstream support only the energetic physics, I asked the DPG (Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft) if the DPG allows theory pluralism in physics and I get the answer the DPG allows to bring Atomistic Theories in the scientific discussion. I asked a similar question on the APS but I did not get an answer up to now. A different answer as those of the DPG is not to be expected.


Dr. Gyula I. Szász