Drop Experiment at the University of Bremen (ZARM) 06/21/2004. EXPERIMENTUM CRUCIS

A detailed time table of the history of the Drop Experiment is also available.

The video shows the experiment, inside of the (aluminium-) drop caspule in the drop tower (110 m) of ZARM. During the fall of the test bodies (Lithium [Li], Beryllium [Be], Bor [B], Carbon [C], Aluminium [Al], Iron [Fe], Plumb [Pb]) you can see the different accelerations between the elements.

But the accepted physics says that all bodies should all have the same acceleration, which is equal to the formulation “intertial mass is equal to gravitational mass” – the weak equivalence principle.

The drop experiment is therefore a falsification of the Universality of Free Fall (UFF).

A discussion of possible experimental errors and the video analysis is presented in the section “Error Sources”.

The question “What causes the gravitation?” is discussed in extend on this website.


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  1. Hi there dear Professor. Is it possible that no one from scientific community wont repeat this important experiment ? I don get it. Thank you

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