8. Section: Model of the Universe

Abstract In this book about physics of elementary processes the last scientific section is dedicated to global predictions of the model for the Unified Field Theory (UFT). The discussion about the universe starts with a qualitative review of celestial mechanics. Then, the development of stars and galaxies is briefly mentioned and the predictions are set in relation to ‘well known’ and scientifically discussed processes in curved spaces; to building of black holes, to the existences of Schwarzschild radii, to the expansion of the universe and big bang and to inflations and membranes. All of these perceptions are unknown in a model of open physical systems with four kinds of stable particles and with two non-conservative fundamental interactions between those. The Unified Field Theory describes the physical processes in a finite and open Minkowski space with exception of small space-time domains around the elementary particles. The lack of knowledge in very small domains can be handled with space integrals which have finite values and are known as invariant elementary charges. The theory uses only few numbers of invariants and a generalized Boltzmann constant for the equilibrium.


Model of the Universe

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