What causes gravitation? (de)

The video shows a short presentation of my work.

It includes the already published video of Galileos Free Fall experiments (http://youtu.be/jkNjvCmsWOU). The content adresses to this experiment and reviews some descrepancies in the history of gravitation in physics. It furthermore gives a brief introduction on the authors theory “what causes the gravitation”. It is also worth to mention that the theory has not been developed after the experiment or as an result of the experiment – the theory is constructed on the same mathematic formalism (Lagrange, Hamilton,…) that is used in common physics, however in his theory other preconditions (e.g. existence of gravitational charges and finite boundary conditions for the variation integrals) were choosen for… they are not a secret so, whoever is interested can contact the author to get more information. As it is a basic theory many fields in physics are touched and different but very intuitively desciption of nature is thereby dervied.
More presentations on a manifold subjects (f.e. explanation of Neutrions, Dark Matter, mathematical formalism) can be held, if there is a demand for it.

The slides are also available for download:


all “What causes gravitation?” slides

It has to be emphasized that this experiment should be repeated to correct potential erros. However it was prohibited to re-perform the experiment by the service provider of the free fall tower.

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