3. Section: Model of the Unified Field, Neutrinos

Abstract: The accepted Standard Model in physics is founded on basic principles evolved with the advance of science over several centuries in order to describe observed phenomena in nature. The physical theories containing several ad hoc hypotheses appear consistent and complete to explain all measurements of physical objects and to provide satisfactory explanations of physical observations. Besides this, some discontinuities in physics exist and many fundamental problems remain unsolved. There is a profound discrepancy between the classical and the quantum theories. The accepted theory of gravity is incompatible with the other interactions and the problems of neutrinos are not well understood. Therefore, a New Model including new principles and centralizing the covariant Unified Field (UF) consisting of the electromagnetic and gravitational field has been formulated. The UF is generated by two kinds of invariant Maxwell charges which are two different attributes of the four elementary particles. Within the New Model, the source quantization is recognised as a theoretical process of open particle systems in a finite domain and the neutrinos are explained.

PACS: 03.70.+k, 04.20.Cv, 12.10.-g, 13.15.+g



Model of the Unified Field, Neutrinos

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