TV Interview (hu)

Talk about the drop experiment with Gyula I. Szász (in hungarian).

This is an experimentum crucis which falsificated the Universality of Free Fall (UFF) of Galilei. The physicists have never checked the UFF assumption bevor with an accuracy of 10^-5 in drop experiments.

The drop Experiment of Szasz was performed in the drop tower of the University of Bremen 21/06/2004 and the video shows the different acceleration of the elements Al, Pb, C and Li.

Szasz has a new explanation of gravity: The four stable particles, the electron, positron, proton and elton (often called as ‘antiproton’) have two kinds of quantised charges. The elementary gravitational charges cause the gravity as an interaction between particles with attraction and repulsion.

Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence relation
E = m·c² is not valid in nature.

We have to go back to atomistic physics of Boltzmann in Minkowski space.

The quantum effects in nature occure because the existence of quantised charges of the four stable elementary particles and not because of the quantisation of energy.

Sir Isaac Newton wrote in his Principia:
“Nature does nothing in vain, and more is in vain when less will serve; Nature is pleased with simplicity and affects not the pomp of superfluous causes.”

Perhaps, you have not to learn hungarian but you have to learn the New Physics in “Physics of Elementary Processes”, Budapest (2005), ISBN: 963 219 791 7 of course.

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