Paradigm change

Here you find an article of my thoughts on a paradigm change in physics that is scientific theoretical founded in the Atomistic Theory of Matter.


Paradigm change (de)

At the present time, the full article is only available in german, but an english abstract can be downloaded here.


Abtract Paradigm change (eng)

As short summary of the new the fundamental principles;

  • neither the position, nor the velocity of particles is ever known precisely,
  • the matter is consisting of four stable particles,
  • the gravitation is generated through elementary gravitational charges, similar to the generation of the electromagnetism through elementary electric charges,
  • the stable particles carry two elementary charges, the elementary electric and the elementary gravitational charges,
  • both fields generated through the charges as interaction between particles propagate with the constant velocity c.

The Atomistic Theory of Matter is the consequence.

The laws of nature are non-deterministic, however causal.

A paradigm shift is necessary for laws established in physics.

Nature does nothing in vain.

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