Experimental Data

In this section it will be shown how one can extract data from my drop experiment. From the relative motion of bodies in the Alumina fall capsule one can easily determine different constant relative accelerations of the materials Li, C and Pb.

I also formulated an excerpt on the theory of the measurement during the drop experiment (unfortunately in german), which you can download here. It explains how I conducted the experimental data analysis.


Theorie der Messung (PDF)

Furthermore I was asked to publish the experimental data set, so that everybody can reproduce my analysis that lead completely new idea of gravitation and to the falsification of the UFF (e.g. to the dismantlement of the theory of realtivity). Here you can download the TIFF-files (high quality) that were recorded during the drop experiment:


UFF Video (Tiff-Files, ~200MB)

For the analysis, please note following details:

  • the video is taken with 25 fps (each frame takes 0.04s), that is why the time shown on the digital clock is blurry
  • the digital clock is mirrored due to the camera setting and is accurate up to 0.01s
  • Frame391 is the start of the experiment, Frame530 is the end (it sums up to: 5.6 sec)
  • Attention: the Frames are not perfectly synchronized to the release of the capsule that means:
    • FrameXXX || clock [*0.01sec] || time [sec]
    • Frame407  ||              0                    || 0.00 (release)
    • Frame408  ||              3                    || 0.04 (first frame interval)
    • Frame409  ||              8                    || 0.08 (second frame interval)
    • Frame523  ||          468                  || 4.68 (end – crash)