Here I will present many aspects of my theory, the Atomistic Theory Of Matter. I try to explain certain the most important aspects via a Video-presentation (“What causes gravitation?“, ~1h) and also by publishing my manuscripts in the Theory Section. Use the overview side bar to navigate to the different manuscripts (“Atomistic Theory of Matter: Stable Particles and a Unified Field“, “Variation principles” and “Physikalische Evidenz – Experimentelle Bestätigung gegen empirsche Behauptung“, and so on…). There you will also find an almost complete collection in my book (“Physics of Elementary Processes: Basic Approach in Physics and Astronomy“)

Recently I try to simplify parts of my work, so that everybody with a little knowledge about physics can follow my ideas:

An almost complete overview of the Atomistic Theory of Matter is published in my book “Physics of Elementary Processes”.

The theoretician explains the world
“Theoretician explains to the audience what he just discovered.” by István Szász