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Gyula Szász

Dear Gyula,
But I suspect that there may be a “baby” in the wash-water; maybe the “babies” are the ideas Einstein stole from Lorentz.

Picasso once said, I am told, “Good artists copy, great artists steal”

And it’s probably an unfortunate Nature of the Human Condition that the originators of ideas, like yourself, are dismissed by the simple fact that new ideas cannot be understood using the old conventions that folks have gotten accustomed to using. 🙁

Bill Eshleman

exact inertial conditions of positions x(body;t) and of velocities v(body;t) of bodies at an exact time t = 0, are physically not allowed simplifications. Also bodies cannot fall with the identical acceleration a(body1) = a(body i) = constant.
At physical description of motions, in particular for microscopic objects and for the stars in Universe firstly these conditions must be take in to consideration.

Gyula Szász