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Gyula Szász

Scientifically is impossible to consider the confirmation of QED with the statement:
“As of February 2007, the best measurement of the anomalous magnetic dipole moment of the electron was made by the group of Gerald Gabrielse at Harvard University, using a single electron caught in a Penning trap.[3] The difference between the electron’s cyclotron frequency and its spin precession frequency in a magnetic field is proportional to g−2. An extremely high precision measurement of the quantized energies of the cyclotron orbits, or Landau levels, of the electron, compared to the quantized energies of the electron’s two possible spin orientations, gives a value for the electron’s spin g-factor:
g/2 = 1.001 159 652 180 85 (76),
a precision of better than one part in a trillion. (The digits in parentheses indicate the uncertainty in the last listed digits of the measurement.)
The current state-of-the-art theoretical calculation of the anomalous magnetic dipole moment of the electron includes QED diagrams with up to four loops. Combining this with the experimental measurement of g yields the most precise value of α:[4]
α−1 = 137.035 999 070 (98),
a precision of better than a part in a billion. This uncertainty is ten times smaller than the nearest rival method involving atom-recoil measurements.”
The electrons don’t have magnetic moments and in specially, they don’t have anomalous magnetic moments.

It is scientifically impossible to believe the results of the experiments for the confirmation of the weak equivalence principle:

1981 Keiser, Faller [25] 4×10^-11 Fluid Support
1987 Niebauer, et al.[26] 10^-10 Drop Tower
1989 Stubbs, et al.[27] 10^-11 Torsion Balance
1990 Adelberger, et al.[28] 10^-12 Torsion Balance
1999 Baessler, et al.[29] 5×10^-14 Torsion Balance
cancelled? MiniSTEP 10^-17 Earth Orbit
2016 MICROSCOPE 10^-6 Earth Orbit
2015? Reasenberg/SR-POEM[30] 2×10^-17 vacuum free fall

The mass relation, mg(body)/mi(body) is different from 1 in the range up to 0.784%!

Gyula Szász