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Bill Eshleman

Dear Gyula,

Yes, I am able to consider that Einstein’s SR and GR, are
only elaborate catalogs of physical reality which appear
to actually “break-down” at the extremes. IE, is a photon
and a graviton “particle extremes” needed to be the sub-structures of electromagnetic and gravitomagnetic waves? Or are those hypothetical particles merely erroneous parts
of mathematical models that are really catalogs that ignore
physical causality?

And if the conventional efforts are merely catalogs, do
they also predict the extreme of Many-Parallel-Worlds,

Yes, I’m thinking that the prediction of MPW should also
be on your lists of “things-not-needed” and/or “things that
cannot exist” and/or “things that could not happen”.

That MPW only exists in popular literature, and nowhere
else, is refreshing because of its overwhelming influence
on both the fields of entertainment and cosmology.