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Gyula Szász

Criticism on Einstein’s theories

What are the grounds why Einstein could not unify the interactions in Universe?

First of all, he did not recognize that the general uncertainty principle holds: the positions and the velocities of particles are never known exactly. That means, the laws of nature are non-deterministic. Einstein believed on a deterministic Universe.

Einstein did not recognize that there exist stable elementary particles which carry two conserved charges. Only the masses of the stable elementary particles are invariant masses. These masses are not equivalent to energy. The elementary gravitational charges, gi, cause the gravitation and the elementary electric charges cause the electromagnetism. The gravitational and the electromagnetic interactions propagate with c.
Einstein’s special relativity and general relativity are scientifically not correct constructed. These theories cannot be used in physics.

Einstein’s ad hoc hypothesis about the light quantum, E = h∙ν was incorrect. The Planck constant, h, play the role of a Lagrange multiplier; the energy is not quantized.

Einstein did not recognize that physical processes must be described in finite ranges of Minkowski space with an Lorentz-invariant Lagrange density. The action integral is not an expression of energy.

Einstein’s imagination about energetic physics (E = h∙ν, E = mc^2, the stress-energy tensor with space-time deformation) were not useful to describe the Universe.

Einstein was led the physical developments nowhere.

In special, Einstein’s imagination about mass was disastrously: He connected the relativistic mass with energy and he belief on the weak equivalence principle, on the equivalence of the inertial and gravitational mass. But, he has thrown away the gravitational mass. He did not recognize that the UFF is violated. He belief that masses could be annihilated and created.

Gyula I. Szász

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