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Gyula Szász

Dear Bill,

thank you for your kindly assistance. You have followed my argumentation to a more simple physics as the modern physicists proposed. The key starting point was the introduction and consequent handling of the conserved elementary gravitational charges. Again the prevailing opinion, the gravitational and the inertial masse are not equal and it can be also experimental confirmed. The gravitation is unified with the electromagnetism and the gravitation is also build in the particle physics. Only the sources of the interaction field are quantized and the interactions propagate with c. At the moment, I cannot do more for a generalization (and simplification).

The biggest problem of the academic physics is that their followers believe on the weak equivalence principle and on the energy-mass-equivalence. In “reality” none of these equivalences are physically valid principles. For instance, virtual particles do not exist and all instable particles are composed on the four kinds of stable elementary particles e,p,P and E. Thus, the neutrons and the neutrinos are composed particles, similar to muons and pions. These are not elementary particles. I can explain both masses of the instable particles; I need neither the Higgs-particle, nor quarks. The whole accepted standards of modern physics must be given up.

I would like meet you personally if you take occasional a visit in Europe. I have adequate room for sleep and residence. I live with my family in Ingelheim am Rhein, near to Frankfurt and Mainz. The environment is very nice. Do you visit sometime Europe? Then I could demonstrate how wrong my spoken English is.