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Bill Eshleman


YES, most indubitably yes; God most certainly works
with the most simple of laws. And your theory is
what I believe to have the closest connection with
what God has to work with.

There is a line separating what God is responsible
for and for what intelligent creatures like ourselves
are responsible for; exactly where that line lies is
still a mystery to us, but it is most certainly there,

The worst problem is when our superstitious elements
attribute(blame) everything to a deity. Personally,
I do not even give credit to a deity for creating
DNA; DNA is more likely the creation of intelligent
creatures. The superstitious folks give deities the
credit for both happiness AND sadness; they praise a
deity(s) when the enemy is vanquished and scream bloody
murder when the enemy vanquishes us.

These types of reasonings are the creations of ourselves,
not the creations of a “father” in heaven. God does not
allow bad and good things to happen; both good and bad
happen because of ourselves; God is not responsible for either.

We are responsible for what we sow, and we reap what we

You have become a dear friend, and I have grown by your
tutelage; and I sincerely hope that I’ve said nothing to
offend you.