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Bill Eshleman

Gyula said:

“I think, I have said clearly what I mean. I have the impression, you don’t understand or/and you don’t reflect to my clear arguments. I am considering the end of our discussion is coming. I don’t respond more, until you could give me a significant new argument for discussion, and I decide what is significant. The entropy argument is not significant,”

But now you have seen even more of how difficult it is to
try to teach new things to folks who have been brainwashed
by the 20th century “physics interpretations”;

interpretations of both the data and the mathematics.

I warned you in private email at the beginning of our
discussions that I would not be a “blank-slate”, but more
like the worst student you’ve ever had… full of crazy,
preconceived notions, so it is to your credit as a teacher,
that you put-up-with-me for so long……..

One more thing, is the question significant as to whether
the electromagnetic and gravitomagnetic interactions(forces)
become one in the very strong field?