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Bill Eshleman

Dear Gyula,

“There are no physical reasons to assume that these fields are quantized.”

Then I anticipate some very good news for you….

There is no purely mathematical reason for quantization
of fields nor any of the other false quantizations either.
Certainly, there are good reasons, like the double-slit
experiment and the discrete spectrum of atoms, to be
tricked into believing that the false quantizations are
real, but tricks are neither physics nor are they
mathematics; they are illusions; they are caused by the
real quantizations… the quantization and conservation
of electric and gravitational charges, as you profess.

I have suspected this for decades, and you have put it
into a nutshell. you have united electricity and
gravitation. What’s left is to unite electricity and
the so-called strong force, and then your theory will be
no less than a new and complete standard model.

And I say this in great sincerity and admiration of your

Mit kollegialen Grüßen,