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Bill Eshleman

It is not clear to me at the moment as to why the field of
a quantized charge is NOT quantized itself, but please let
us discuss that at another time.

But for now, please explain to me why you reject the
quantizations of the other things that your peers take for
granted are quantized.

I concur, Nature does abhor a singularity because, for lack
of other analogies, the singularity is merely an unachievable asymptote; and there is not enough energy in
the universe for matter to achieve a so-called singularity.
And there is not enough time in the universe for a computer
to achieve it either; all a computer can do is calculate an
unending sequence of terms and/or factors analogous to
attempting to calculate the value of an irrational number.

Again, why do you hold that things your peers think are
quantized, are not quantized, but continuous?

I agree that they should be continuous as well, but am
fishing for reasons why. Please explain.