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Bill Eshleman

Dear Gyula,

Whenever you mention that things about the dynamics
of the universe cannot be exactly known, a little bird
whispers in my ear that we cannot know ANYTHING exactly.
But I suspect at the same “whisper,” that, that is not
exactly what you are implying either.

The “whisper” tells me that you are implying that the
“Laws of Nature” are also ambiguous because they don’t
know ANYTHING exactly, either.

So I suggest, like times before, that all that can be
known are “averages”; averages that are better approximations, and again never exact, but only a better “fit” with mathematical models. And that the
“Laws of Nature” are limited to never knowing what
things are, but only what they were.

Invariance, covariance, form invariance… these are
“buzz-words” to me…..

So I suggest that their root cause, or rather their
first principle, are relationships between polynomials
without cross-products and their appropriate conjugates.
Not as a result of, but the cause of invariance, etc.

That is, the Lorentz factor and my proposed Gravitational
factor are analytical approximations of the bonding of
atoms into molecules via the motion of electrons, and the
bonding of protons and neutrons onto nuclei via vibrational
motion of charges, both electrical and gravitational.

What I see as merely an ambition, other folks might view
as incorrigibility. 🙁

Bill Eshleman