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Gyula Szász

Dear Gyula,

Here is the hastily prepared response that I wish
to post to Gravitations:

“Ich weiß nicht sicher”, but my identity seems to
separate the “rest mass” (?gravitational mass?)
from its motion part; a hopeful but certainly
uncertain conclusion to draw. But nonetheless
attractive path to investigate.

If “covariance” is the wrong concept to attribute
to my infinite product of the ratios of polynomial
conjugates identity, then I am fine with calling it
“The XS” for now. But the “XS” serves to modify
the Pythagorean addition of vectors, so I’m
inclined to speculate that it is “ad hoc”, the
special relativistic part.of the Lorentz factor.

Got any suggestions as to what we might call
that XS special relativistic part? It looks
“covariant” to me, but its being certainly
hypothetical, and its being a never before seen
mathematical object, folks who I shown it to
seem to universally suggest that it is a pure
mathematical object having no applicability at
all. When I discussed my interpretation with
“mentors” on the SciAmPhysicsForum, I ended
up being “banned for life”, for teaching crack-
pottery. 🙁

Bill Eshleman