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Gyula Szász

The Atomistic Theory of Matter and the Theory of Gravitation belong scientifically together. The gravitation is caused by conserved elementary gravitational charges. As a result of these circumstances is that the deformation of space-time about masses, as the general relativity stated, in not a physical correct description of gravitation.

The Standard Model of Astrophysics speculate scientifically about Big Bang, Black Holes, Dark Matter, deviation of light in the gravitational field, event horizon, accelerated expansion of the Universe, etc. However, all these scientific speculations have no physical basis.

The detection of gravitation waves – published by Abbott et al., Phys. Rev. Lett, 11. February 2016 – was firstly successful. However, the origin of the gravitation waves was not the merger of two Black Holes, but rather the merger of two neutron stars. “Cold” neutron stars have the greatest mass density in Universe, ca. 3.8 x10^12 kg/cm^2.

Not theories have to say what Nature is, but Nature requires the description with consistent and comprehensive theories.