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    Gyula Szász

    The new axiom system in physics is:
    Four kinds of point-like stable, elementary particles exist: e, p, P and E.
    – The elementary particles carry two kind of conversed elementary charges, qi = {- e, + e, + e, – e} and gi = {- g∙me, + g∙me, + g∙mP, – g∙mP}, i = e, p, P, E.
    – The elementary charges cause the interactions between particles. They cause the interaction fields. The masses mP, me are the elementary masses of proton and electron.
    – The interactions propagate with c and the constant propagation is independent of the state of the motion of particles.
    Because of the physical measurements, it should be taken into account that
    – measurements with infinite precision cannot be assumed,
    – each measurement is performed in finite regions of space and time.

    The axiom system is the principle of atomistic theory of matter, based on stable elementary particles which carry two kinds of conserved charges. The axioms incorporate basic assumptions about the constituents of matter and their interactions. The elementary particles are the electrons (e), positrons (p), protons (P) and eltons (E). In conventional physics the eltons are called “anti-protons”. The two kinds of interactions, caused by the elementary charges, are the two known fundamental interactions in physics: electromagnetism and gravitation. The universal gravitational constant is G = g^2/4π.

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