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Gyula Szász

Dear Bill,

I wish you to feel better and that your status would be stable. On September 2009 I have also a threefold by-pass operation and my state of health would be stable up to now. In that time, I have much trouble with ZARM-FAB at the University in Bremen. They didn’t allow the continuation of my fall experiments at the drop tower and I had a court case what I lost 2011. It was very stressful. At the end, an “expert” form the LM University München claimed that the weak equivalence principle holds, but in physical reality, it is not true. I have lost much money and the possibility to continue my fall experiment for the confirmation of the UFF violation. In my following fall experiment, I wanted to move the test bodies to move also in vacuum. The academic physics has interim won.

I have escaped from Hungary to Germany on 1956 after the revolution without my parents, and I have studied physics in Giessen and Mainz.

I am never been in sunny Florida and thank you for your offer. I don’t promise, but if your state of health is stable, we could perhaps arrange a meet. I would be very glad.