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Bill Eshleman

Dr. Szasz said:

“The entropy connects somehow the average quantities of macrostates with the microstates properties.

YES; we may say something like, “the sum of the entropy
of the microstates is nearly conserved in the macrostate.”

E.G., the entropy of a container of water has nearly the
same entropy as the sum of the partial entropies of the
water’s microstates. This, I suggest, substantiates ALL
atomistic type theories.

I haven’t a clue as to what the entropy of radiation is,
but only that it is accompanied by an increase of the sum
of the entropies of the microstates; part or all of the
entropy qualified by the second law of thermodynamics….
But I see good reason to believe that the opposite
happens; that radiations decrease the total entropy; but
it can’t be both ways, can it? So I am rightly confused
and torn between two extremes on this radiation matter.

The connection is therefore “conservation”, a symmetry,
I suggest.


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