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Gyula Szász

Within my theory, we have a very accurate imagination what happen in microstates. For instance, within the nuclei and within the neutrons, the protons, the electrons and the positrons move approximately with the velocity of light around the center of mass (COM) in regions of 10-13 cm under the influence of the electromagnetic interaction. The gravitation can be neglected.

For the nuclear forces, no strong interaction, none of gluons and of partons (or whatever else) is needed. The atoms and molecules are consisting of the nuclei and the electron shells with the size of 10-8 cm. The “inter-molecular” movement is nearly independent of the overall temperature of the surrounding. The temperature of the surrounding determines the probability of the velocities of the COM-motions of micro-objects: these are intra-molecular velocities. The entropy connects somehow the average quantities of macrostates with the microstates properties.