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Gyula Szász

Dear Bill,

Once more again: we have obviously to do with two different kinds of quantum field theories.

In the currently accepted quantum theory the energy (or with the ad hoc assumption of Max Planck the action, 1900) AND the interaction (with the ad hoc assumption of the light quantum hypothesis, Einstein 1905) are quantized. A mysterious constant, the Planck constant h, appear in the physical description.
Max Planck tried for a long time to avoid his ad hoc “quantum condition” and to replace it with some physical founded relation. Einstein did not believe, 1909, on the accident brought in the physics through his ad hoc hypothesis. Feynman, a creator of the quantum electrodynamics (QED), said „Ich glaube, mit Sicherheit behaupten können, dass heutzutage niemand die Quantenmechanik versteht.“ In my translation: „I believe to claim with safety that nowadays nobody understand the quantum mechanics. “ Surely, no quantum physicist understands why the fine structure constant α hat the value 1/137.03. α is appearing in the Planck constant h.

I have proposed another kind of quantum field theory: Only the sources of the interaction fields are quantized (with the stable elementary particles, or with other words: with two kinds of conserved charges.) In the action integral, two different kinds of subsidiary condition must be applying for the fields and for the particles. The mathematical consequence for the subsidiary condition for the particles is the appearing of Lagrange multiplier in the equations of particles motion, and only in these equations. Hence, the role of the Planck constant h in the case of bound states is that it is a Lagrange multiplier. With other words: the h does not appear ad hoc, and h does not appear in the equations of fields motions. Neither the action (the energy), nor the interaction is quantized in my quantum field theory.

Therefore, I contradict the ad hoc assumptions of Max Planck and of Albert Einstein, I reject their quantum theories.

You write “There is no purely mathematical reason for quantization of fields nor any of the other false quantizations either. Certainly, there are good reasons, like the double-slit experiment and the discrete spectrum of atoms, to be tricked into believing that the false quantizations are real, but tricks are neither physics nor are they mathematics; they are illusions; they are caused by the real quantizations… the quantization and conservation of electric and gravitational charges, as you profess.”

Neither the double-slit experiment, nor the discrete spectrum of atoms, nor anything else justifies physically the “false quantization” of Planck and Einstein.