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Bill Eshleman

Dear Gyula,

Now, with my feet again firmly attached to the Earth, and
not at all attacking your theory, nor even proposing to fool
you into a chain of reasoning that could negate your

I propose that your theory be left intact, and suggest that
it is only the form of your formalism, your purely Calculus
treatment of motion that could stand a more statistical
flavor. When I listen to you say that the positions and
velocities cannot be determined and that the Laws of Nature
are non-deterministic but causal, I see the need for your
concept of motion to be augmented by the concept of “optimal
transport” of information(-entropy). I believe that
statistical laws are what Nature has; probabilities and
their flow is a start, but large collections of objects
need the concept of a “measure” and that the term “entropy”
is that measure. Here is another video that I think you
should be interested in:

I suggest that your formal treatment is most accurately
described as “analytic” and that Information Theory is
as Cedric says, “synthetic” and so general that elegant and
beautiful concepts are born-out-of this generality.

Bill Eshleman