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Gyula Szász

Einstein’s relativity theories, SR and GR, are physically invalid theories. The quantum theories (QT) based on the light quantum hypothesis are also invalid.

The physics based on four kinds of stable elementary particles, e, p, P and E, which carry two kinds of conserved elementary charges and the interactions are non-quantized, non-conservative interactions and propagate with the constant velocity c.

The elementary masses, me and mP, of the elementary particles are not equivalent of energy; only for the stable elementary particles are the inertial and gravitational masses equal, mi(elementary particle) = mg(elementary particle). For the other entire particle system are the inertial and gravitation masses different. The inertial masses are
mi = (N(P) + N(E))∙mP + (N(e) + N(p))∙me – E(bound)/c^2,
and the gravitational masses
mg = |(N(P) – N(E))∙mP + (N(p) – N(e))∙me |.
Masses, mi and mg, are greater or equal zero and the bound energy E(bound) is radiated the bonding of the elementary particles, e, p, P and E.