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Gyula Szász

Einstein was not able to find a way to explain the atomistic character of nature because he thought the UFF hypothesis is valid and the electromagnetic field is quantized. But, both claims are physically invalid.

Furthermore, Einstein thought the energy-mass-equivalence E =mc^2 is valid. But also this relation is physically invalid.

Einstein did not realized that the non-conservative electromagnetic field is caused by the conserved electric charges, qi = {± e} and the non-conservative gravitational field is caused by the conserved gravitational charges, qi = {± g mi}, of the four stable elementary particles, electron (e), positron (p), proton (P) and elton (E). Einstein was far away to know what elementary particles are.

Einstein could not unify the physical description of electromagnetic field and the gravitation. The modern physics is also not able to unify these both interactions.

Therefore, I have created new Basic Postulates of Physics.

Gyula I. Szász