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Bill Eshleman

The picture in this post is a page out of my “idea-book”.

This cardioid-like curve is constructed piecewise-linear,
with the equality,

(delta theta)/(delta R) = theta/R

For our Sun, theta is the angle between an imaginary line
to where the Sun really is, and an imaginary line to where
the Sun was about 500 seconds previously. R is the distance of separation of the Earth and Sun, a 500 second
trip for the light(and gravity).

We all know that light and gravity travel only in straight
lines if not interfered with somehow, but that cardioid-like
“path” is compelling to say the least. Could it be a real path? Please dash my hopes with some logical reason why
that cardioid-like curve is just a mathematical artifact.

I literally need to “straighten-out” out that curve so I can
discard it or optionally leave more folks confused, as
certainly am I.

Gyula, please put Picture004.jpg here: