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Gyula Szász

Dear Gyula,

I cannot continue; my think about a fixed coordinate
system, an independent “stage”, is hopelessly crushed
by your statement, “Coordinate are never conserved”;
If I was not clear(I think I wasn’t), I was meaning that I
am considering that the whole coordinate system and
its shape, remain always the same, I think. And I am
still troubled by the inability of space to warp.

Einstein said this about “space”:

“When a smaller box s is situated, relatively at rest, inside the hollow space of a larger box S, then the hollow space of s is a part of the hollow space of S, and the same “space”, which contains both of them, belongs to each of the boxes. When s is in motion with respect to S, however, the concept is less simple. One is then inclined to think that s encloses always the same space, but a variable part of the space S. It then becomes necessary to apportion to each box its particular space, not thought of as bounded, and to assume that these two spaces are in motion with respect to each other.

Before one has become aware of this complication, space appears as an unbounded medium or container in which material objects swim around. But it must now be remembered that there is an infinite number of spaces, which are in motion with respect to each other. The concept of space as something existing objectively and independent of things belongs to pre- scientific thought, but not so the idea of the existence of an infinite number of spaces in motion relatively to each other. This latter idea is indeed logically unavoidable, but is far from having played a considerable role even in scientific thought.”

Albert Einstein

Is this quotation disagreeable to you?

I will post after you help me collect my think.


Bill Eshleman

Einstein did not understand how electromagnetism work, he did not understand how gravity works, but, he thought that the gravitational mass is equal the inertial mass without prove! Einstein was not a good physicists and he was a wrong mathematician. He did also not understand what space and time are.
Szász Gyula